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  • No headgear
  • No straps
  • No marks or sores on your face
  • Ultra lightweight and sturdy
  • Infinitely adjustable for comfort
How does CPAP PRO® provide a better night's sleep?
With severe skin irritation, annoying leakage and the need to constantly tighten straps, it is almost impossible to reach essential "REM" sleep with conventional masks. By eliminating these annoyances with CPAP PRO®, our patients tell us they're sleeping more comfortably, more soundly and waking up refreshed.

What if I open my mouth during sleep?
Even if you open your mouth the CPAP PRO® mouthpiece will stay affixed to your upper teeth... it is not necessary to bite down on the mouthpiece throughout the night. Many patients report that with CPAP PRO® they no longer open their mouth during sleep. If necessary a simple chinstrap will be needed... CPAP PRO® with a chinstrap still will be far more comfortable than any other mask or interface.

How loud is the CPAP PRO®
While other masks 'gurgle' and 'roar', you'll find the CPAP PRO® is Whisper Quiet™. We engineered the CPAP PRO® to minimize any annoying sounds associated with conventional masks and nasal inserts. Those around you will barely hear a thing.


*Fulfillment of CPAP PRO® depends upon your Medicare coverage.

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